Macintyre Family Photos : Project Tracking Page

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Photo & Album Inventory

4x6 Photos Inventory
Received March 7th 2018
Good condition - batch scanner
728 photos

Scanning done march 10th 2018
Fragile & Small Photos
Received March 7th 2018
Delicate handling required - flatbed scanner
209 photos

Scanning done march 10th 2018
Album A (Black fabric cover) Inventory
Received March 7th 2018
12 double-sided pages = 24 page scans
Save 36 images as separate files - as per client instructions

Album B (Burgundy leather cover) Inventory
Received March 7th 2018
10 double-sided pages
Scan pages 1 and 2 only
Save all 11 images from pages 1 and 2 as separate files.

External Hard Drive 'A' Inventory
Start: 8560 files

Duplicate removal: 134 (saved in a separate location)
Videos: 13 (saved in a separate location)
8426 photo files remaining

Schedule and Meetings

Consultation Meeting Jan 17th 2018
It was a pleasure to meet with you and hear about your goals for your photo project. I look forward to meeting with you and your family.

A quote was sent to you be email on Jan 23rd 2018. Please see the attached quote in the documents section.
Meeting February 2nd, 2018
Received External Hard Drive
Deposit paid.
Follow-up meeting scheduled for March 7th, 2pm at client's home. - Confirmed.
Meeting March 7th, 2018
Received Albums 'A'; and 'B'
Received Keywords list
Received Family Timeline documents.
Next meeting scheduled for March 29th - TENTATIVE
Meeting March 29th, 2018 - UNCONFIRMED
Goal: Facial recognition/Identification of 13 people.