Digital Flipbooks

A New Way to Enjoy Your Photos

I've found a new way for you to enjoy your digital photos or scanned photo album pages: Digital Flipbooks! Flip through this sample album and please let me know what you think!

What you can do:
  • Turn the pages back and forth at your own pace.
  • Zoom in to see a larger version of photos you select.
  • Zoom in for a closer view of anything on the page.
  • Read text and captions you've chosen to add to the page.
  • View it using a web browser on a PC, Mac, or mobile device.
  • Store the file on your computer, device or a USB, hard drive or the cloud - just as you would store a photo file.
  • Share digital photo albums just as you would share digital photo files - by email or on USB.

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Digital Flipbook Pricing

Sample Digital Flipbook

Full pages of a photo album were scanned to create the digital pages.
Some photos in this album were selected by the client to be isolated and saved as separate image files. Those images can be view as full-size, high-resolution images in the digital flipbook.

Please note:
If you see a gray button with a + at the corner of a photo, click it to view the full-size image.
If you see a gray button with a ? anywhere, click it to read more information.
Video can be added to pages as well. (sorry, none in this sample)

View In Full-Screen Mode

Convert Your Photo Album to a Digital Flipbook Album!

The first step is to have your photo album scanned. Many old photo albums have photos that cannot be removed from the pages. There are often notes written on the pages that help to tell the story behind the pictures. You can choose to scan all the pages or just some pages to preserve them from further deterioration.

If there are extra-special photos in the album, I can isolate those specific photos and save them as separate, high-resolution files so that they can be viewed very clearly on-screen or as an enlarged printed photo.

Visit the Photo Album Scanning Page

Create a Digital Flipbook Photo Album Using Your Digital Photos

I can create interactive digital photo albums for you using whatever photos you select.

Make a Theme Album

Choose photos and create a digital flipbook photo albums for yourself or as gifts.

Gift Ideas:
  • Graduation album
  • Birthday album
  • Vacation album
  • Anniversary album
  • Memorial album