Slideshow Price Chart

Prices as of September 20th, 2018. H.S.T will be added to all prices
Remember: The final slideshow and any digital files created or edited are yours to copy and share as much as you want!



Base Project Fee Includes:

  • 3-Day (72-hour) service for memorial slideshows (If I am available).
  • 5-Day service for other slideshows (If I am available).
  • Creation of slideshow in video format using my own creative choices (for the sake of speed). There is a form on which you can list specific requests and preferences.
  • Electronic delivery of video file (.mp4 format) to client.
  • Electronic delivery of slideshow/video in a format suitable for the equipment that will be used to show it.
  • Private link to web page where slideshow can be viewed for one month. You can share that link with anyone you choose.
  • Electronic delivery of all the image files used, including those that had image enhancement.
  • Cropping of photos to best reflect the subject of a slideshow.
Project Fee

Other Charges

Charge per photo used $1.75 each
(minimum Charge $105.00
or 60 photos)

Optional Charges

Scanning of Photos or Documents 2" x 2" to 8" x 10" $0.95 per photo
Scanning of Larger Photos or Documents up to 12" x 18" $3.75 per photo
3-Day rush service for non-memorial slideshows (if possible) add $50.00
36-Hour rush service (if possible) add $75.00
48-Hour rush service (if possible) add $50.00
Image Enhancement: automated colour improvement, minor dust & scratch removal
(for any photo I believe would be significantly improved)
$1.25 per photo modified
Adding a Caption (text) to a Slide
Copied and pasted from text you provide.
$2.00 per caption
Use of Facial Recognition software to locate photos of a specific person in your digital photo collection. A great time-saver! $65.00 per person (minimum charge)
per 1000 photos analyzed
Instrumental music added to video from my royalty-free collection. Fade-in and Fade-out. $2.00 per minute of video
Creative consultation sessions $75.00 per hour
Client-requested revisions and additions $75.00 per hour
Digital Storage Device (4GB USB Flash Drive) $15.00
Pick-up of photos or digital media variable depending on location
Delivery Charge
(If electronic delivery is not possible)
variable depending on location