The Mess to Success Method

A Guide to Preparing Your Print Photo Collection for Scanning

What is the Mess to Success Method?

The Mess to Success Method is a set of instructions for managing a print photo organizing project from start to finish, including scanning, and adding dates, keywords, names and more to the digital files.

It is based on 3 years of my experience and testing. I sell the instructions to other professional photo organizers. I also supply a modified version to my clients.

Document Sections:

  • Introduction to the Mess to Success Method
  • Gathering Your Photos - FREE GUIDE
  • Culling Your Photo Collection
  • Dating and Sorting Your Photos
  • Creating Scanning Sets
  • Creating and Using a Keywords List
  • Naming People in Your Photos
  • Writing Photo Descriptions
  • Photo Scanning and Metadata Workflow
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FREE Guide - Gathering Your Photos

This section of the Mess to Success Method includes information and advice about:

  • Items That Can Be Scanned
  • Protecting Date Information
  • Recording Photo Information
  • Preserving Chronological Order
  • Removing Photos from Albums
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