Media Conversion

Convert Your VHS & DVDs to .MP4

Your VHS tapes and DVDs will continue to deteriorate! Convert them now to .MP4 files.

.MP4 file format is the most widely used and widely recognized video format. An .MP4 file can be copied, shared and moved between devices.

View .MP4 files on PC or Mac, android or iOS - phone, tablet or iPad. Post .MP4 files on Facebook, your YouTube channel, or your Vimeo channel.

If you have home videos on DVD, the video files can be extracted and converted to .MP4 so you will not need to rely on using a DVD drive. Many new desktop and laptop computers no longer include disc drives.

   Media Conversion Pricing

Video Output Quality

The quality of the .MP4 file created depends on the quality and condition of the VHS tape or DVD. Media deteriorate over time. Your VHS tape may be dirty or brittle. Your DVD may be damaged and the resulting .MP4 file may be imperfect.

We use very clean equipment for media transfer, and we attempt to remove dust from the exposed areas of VHS tapes.

We use setting that may improve the output quality a bit, but you must understand that the .MP4 file will be the same quality as you would see using a VHS or DVD player.
Make Copies! Share Your Videos!
Your videos belong to you. Make as many copies of the digital files as you want.

Service Details

  • All media conversion is done in-house. Your precious videos will not leave our office.
  • Editing of .MP4 file to end when your video ends, not when your VHS tape ends.
  • Removal of blank space sections longer than 1 minute. Limitations apply.
  • One .MP4 file per VHS tape or DVD is included. Additional fees if more are requested when two or more separate videos are on a VHS tape or DVD.
  • Download your .MP4 files from our Dropbox storage.
  • Only personal media will be converted. We do not convert copyright-protected media.
  • Drop-off service only at my office near Caledon Village, Ontario