Photo Scanning Plus Organizing

So Much More Than Just Photo Scanning!

Unbox Your Photos

That box holds

for future generations

Service Available Anywhere in Canada

Photo Scanning

is only the first step

Photo Organizing

includes adding searchable:
Dates, Names, Places, & Stories
kodak photo scanner for scanning loose photos

High-Quality Scanning

• All scanning is done in the Megabyte Memories office.

• Your photos are handled with white gloves and great care.

• Professional-quality Kodak photo scanners produce excellent images.

• Colour-improvement is included for all scanned photos.

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Preserve Your Family Legacy

Dates, names and other information is added to a scanned photo's digital file. I work with my clients to gather this information.

That information is searchable, so you can find photos of a person, a place or an event.

Sample Photo Information Screen

This sample photo is from the screen of free photo software I recommend. When you view your photos using that software, you can choose to view information about the photo. The information is displayed under the photo.

The visible information includes: the date the photo was taken, keywords, and a description.

I guide my clients through the process of choosing keywords and adding dates. Often a date is not known, so a best guess is just fine!
Sample Photo Information Screen

Colour Improvement Always Included

Photo scanning services include improving the look of photos. Photos often become yellowed, faded, or discoloured.

This is not complete image restoration. If you want to frame a treasured photo, consider having the digital image professionally edited. You will receive unedited and colour-improved versions of all your images.