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Meg Macintyre

Certified Professional Photo Organizer
Photo organizing is my full-time job and passion! It's not a hobby, or a side gig. Since I started Megabyte Memories in the fall of 2016, I have become an expert in my field. I teach photo organizing classes, I mentor new photo organizers, and I share my knowledge in online groups and forums.

My varied background, education, and experience has provided an excellent foundation on which to build my photo organizing business.

  • Certified member of The Photo Managers
  • Photo organizing teacher
  • Photo software consultant
  • A leading contributor to The Photo Managers private Facebooks group.
  • A leading contributor to The Photo Managers Facebooks group - Advice From The Photo Organizing Pros.
  • Mentor to new photo organizers.

Current Projects

Client Projects
Photo organizing and photo management projects for individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

Developing photo organizing courses and teaching classes to both pro and D.I.Y. photo organizers.

Photo Software Consulting
I am a freelance consultant for three photo organizing and photo management products/services:


Megabyte Memories: The Beginning

My own personal photo organizing adventure led me to start Megabyte Memories Photo Organizing. I had been working part-time as an office administrator for several years, but was always thinking of starting a business. In the fall of 2016, I discovered the right business to start. The timing was perfect, because my younger daughter was starting University.

Helping people preserve their memories is very rewarding. I've heard so many stories from my friends about photos lost due to computer viruses or phone damage. If you watch the news, you'll hear many more stories of photos lost because of fire or other natural disasters. The objects people most want to save are their photos.

Being a successful Professional Photo Organizer requires a passion for organization, superb attention to detail, and great computer skills - I've got all that covered!

I look forward to helping you preserve, protect and share your cherished memories.

— Meg Macintyre

Background and Experience

My varied background, education, and experience has provided an excellent foundation on which to build my photo organizing business.

As a member of website development teams, I helped create and manage large product databases, including the Home Depot product database. There are many similarities between that type of work and organizing a digital photo collection.

In 2003, I earned my Diploma in Technical Communications from Humber College. I have written and edited many technical instructional documents and training manuals. That experience is proving to be very useful as I write instructions for software user manuals as well as guides for my clients.

For seventeen years I ran a successful business knitting sweaters. I sold the sweaters at large craft shows such as Toronto's 'One of a Kind' show. Running a successful business and learning organization, discipline, and administrative skills was great preparation for operating my current business. In 2003, I closed that business, partly as a lifestyle choice as I was a mother to two young daughters.

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Meg Macintyre is a
Certified Personal Photo Organizer
and member of APPO:
The Association of Personal Photo Organizers