Media Conversion Pricing

VHS to .MP4 & DVD to .MP4

  • All media conversion is done in-house. Your precious videos will not leave our office.
  • Editing of .MP4 file to end when your video ends, not when your VHS tape ends.
  • Removal of blank space sections longer than 1 minute. Limitations apply.
  • One .MP4 file per VHS tape or DVD is included. Additional fees if more are requested when two or more separate videos are on a VHS tape or DVD.
  • Download your .MP4 files from our Dropbox storage.
  • Only personal media will be converted. We do not convert copyright-protected media.
  • Drop-off service only at my office near Caledon Village, Ontario
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Your videos belong to you. Make as many copies of the digital files as you want.

Media Conversion Price Chart

Pricing as of January 21st, 2019. H.S.T. will be added to all prices.
Your videos belong to you. Make as many copies of the digital files as you want.

VHS to .MP4

DVD to .MP4

Base Price: $20.00 per VHS tape
SD Quality (Standard Definition)
Up to 2 hours per tape.
$ TBD per DVD
Blank Tape Fee: $5.00 each
Includes: Creation of 1 .MP4 file per 2 hours of VHS tape

(To save multiple videos on the same VHS tape as separate .MP4 files, please request a quote.)
Includes: Removal of excess blank space at beginning and end of tape.
Includes: Removal of up to 2 additional
blank spaces longer than 1 minute each.

(For more extensive editing, please request a quote.)
Includes: Includes: The use of conversion software and settings
that may improve video smoothness and reduce video shake

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