Photo Album and Scrapbook Scanning

Preserve Your Family Photo Albums

Photo Albums Tell Us the Stories of Our Past
Photos remind of us of our heroes, and help us appreciate where we came from. The connection with the past comes alive when you see familiar places and family resemblances.

Scan and Preserve:
  • Some or all pages of an album or scrapbook.
  • Individual photos from any page.
Enjoy your Album or Scrapbook pages as:
  • One photo per page
  • Individual photos from any page.
  • A .pdf file of all the album pages together.
  • A video slideshow file (mp4) of the album pages.
  • A Digital Flipbook - turn the virtual pages of your digital album.

Preserve Albums as Digital Flipbooks

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Sample two-page view of scanned album pages. Click to enlarge.

What Can Be Scanned?

  • Individual photo album or scrapbook pages measuring up to 18" x 12".
  • Newspaper clipping, documents and certificates.
  • Maps, fabric...anything that can be laid on the scanner.

Visit the Album Scanning Pricing page:

Photo Album Scanning Pricing

Colour Improvement

Photo album scanning services include improving the look of pages and photos. The photos in old albums can become yellowed, faded, or discoloured.

This is not complete image restoration. If you want to frame a treasured photo, consider having the digital image professionally edited. You will receive unedited and colour-improved versions of all your images.
photo album pagephoto album page with colour correction