Digital Asset Management For Businesses

DAM Services and Consulting

Your business's digital images are a valuable resource. When those assets are managed properly, you can find the right file FAST.

Whether you need training for marketing team members, or a complete re-organization of your digital photos and files, I have the solutions you need.

Are your digital assets properly identified with copyright information in the metadata? Are those assets protected? Are the correct files being used and distributed? I can help you get control.
Digital image files should be properly:

  • Named
  • Dated
  • Organized
  • Keyworded
  • Stored
  • Backed-up

Digital Asset Management Projects


Need an overhaul of your digital image collection: photos, logos, design elements, illustrations and other media?

After your business's unique requirements are assessed, I'll organize your collection in a way that meets your team's needs.


I provide staff training services so that the collection can grow and be properly managed internally.


If you need a cloud-based DAM system put in place, I'll help you choose the right one.

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Meg Macintyre

My Experience

I have had several different roles managing or assisting with large large digital collections and database. In my role as a photo organizer, I use professional image organizing programs to automate the keywording, naming and file organization of thousands of images at a time.

As an independent contractor, I helped build the database to populate Home Depot Canada's online store. Other roles have included: setting up the database for a poster company, and assisting a large Ontario resort with their image management.

Let me help your company effectively use and build its digital asset collection.

- Meg Macintyre