Photo Scanning Plus Organizing

So Much More Than Just Photo Scanning!

Yes I do photo scanning, but I offer so much more. Let me help you organize and digitize your photo collection. I add value to your photo collection so that your stories are preserved: information about people, events, activities and places.

What You Get

What will you have when your project is complete? The end result will vary depending on the options you choose.

You'll get:
  • Peace-of-mind from knowing that your treasured photos have been preserved and are safe from further deterioration and damage.
  • A collection of photos ready to be used for easy viewing, slideshows, photo books, and many other photo projects.
  • Unlimited copying and sharing of all your digital photos.
  • A colour-improved digital file of every photo you have scanned.
  • Training on how to easily find any of your new digital photos.
  • An easy-to-use organizational structure of digital photos in folders by year, and then sub-folders by month.
  • The ability to find photos by date, keywords and names.
  • Meaningful, searchable file names for your digital photos. File names typically include date and keywords or names.
  • Less clutter in your home! Albums and boxes take up much more space than digital files.
Remember: The resulting digital photos are yours to copy and share as much as you want!
What's Involved:
  • There are tasks you'll need to do for the packages I have listed on the pricing page. If you need a more full-service option, just ask.
  • The first step is to meet in person, by phone or virtually. I will assess your collection and the condition of your photos. I will provide suggestions and instructions so you can prepare your photos for scanning.
  • You gather your photos from boxes, envelopes, albums, frames, and other family members.
  • Photos are sorted by date.
  • Photos are scanned using commercial Kodak photo scanners for excellent results.
  • Colour Improvement of all photos - using automated settings to make them look a little bit better.
  • Dates, keywords and people's names are added to the digital files.
  • The digital files are re-named with their date and keywords, and placed into folders by year and month.
  • My photo scanning and organizing process involves very efficient processes and lots of different amazing software to automate many of the tasks. It saves time and helps me offer maximum value for your investment.

The Details

The specific steps involved in your photo scanning plus organizing project will depend on the package and options you choose.

1: Organizing Before Scanning

Do you have boxes of unorganized photos? Are your albums organized at all? If those photographs are scanned before they are organized, you will end up with a digital mess.

It is faster, easier, and less expensive to organize your photos before they are scanned. Organizing includes you deciding which photos you want to preserve by scanning. I will guide you in the organizing process. My system for organizing photos prior to scanning ensures that the rest of the process is efficient and adds maximum value.

Organizing tasks:
  • Gather your photos and photos from family members. Make it a team effort. Perhaps they will share the cost.
  • Don't forget framed photos. They can be usually be scanned with good results even if they can't be removed from the frame.
  • Include slides. I deal with a trusted company for slide scanning. The resulting digital files can be included in your project.
  • Include photos that can be removed from albums.
  • Sort photos with my guidance. You probably won't want to scan all your photos. You can choose a higher-level package for your best, favourite, and historically significant photos.
  • Organize photos by date with my guidance.
Share Your Collection!
The digital photo collection belongs to you. Make as many copies of the digital files as you want.
Questions? Just ask!

2: Premium-Quality Photo Scanning

For all my photo scanning I use 2 commercial Kodak photo scanners for excellent image quality. I handle your photographs and albums with great care. Colour improvement of your photos using automated settings is included. I can also scan your documents, certificates, degrees, diplomas etc.

Photo Scanning Options
Prints minimum size 2" on a side up to 18" x 12" can be scanned.
I can scan both sides of photos to preserve notes written on the back.

Slide Scanning
I work with a trusted partner company for slide scanning. The digital files can be organized along with the rest of your collection.

Photo Album & Scrapbook Scanning
Remove photos from albums if possible. Do not force removal and risk damage. If you cannot remove the photos, I can scan one full album page at a time. Consider making a new album with your favourite photos after scanning is done. Visit the Photo Album Scanning page:

Photo Album Scanning
Single-Sided PS80 B_00062A editedSingle-Sided PS80 B_00062A BW
isolated photo from albumisolated photo from album - colour corrected

4: Adding Names with Facial Recognition

I use Facial Recognition software to name people in the photos. It is a very efficient way to add valuable metadata (names) to the digital files. There is a per-person charge for facial recognition. The more photos you have, the lower the price per-person, per photo.

Consider what information you want to preserve for future generations. I provide guidelines for naming. The name the person is commonly known by as well as their 'official' name both have a place in the metadata.

How it Works:
I use facial recognition software that 'finds' about 80% of the faces in photos. Both eyes must be visible, and the face must be shown clearly. The software groups similar faces, then allows for the user to correct the groupings and assign a name. The software 'learns' from this and then looks for more faces.

A name can be added as a keyword later if a person is 'missed' in this step.

I work side-by-side with you (or with remote screen-sharing) during the Facial Recognition step. As a person is identified at different ages, the software 'learns' and finds more possible face matches.

I prepare biographical information (saved as an image) for each person identified using facial recognition.

5: Adding More Searchable Metadata

A well-organized photo collection is searchable and shareable because I add metadata to your photos. Metadata is digital information about your photos, and I use software and processes that make the metadata a permanent part of a photo.

Other Metadata:
  • I date the digital file to show when the photo was actually taken (or your best guess).
  • I work with you to add searchable keywords to identify activities, events, celebrations, vacations and more based on a list you prepare.
  • I give the digital files meaningful file names using the photo's date and keywords.

6: Project Cost and Tracking

Each client has their own private page on this website. The page shows project status, major tasks, and tracks all quantities and charges.

View the sample Project Tracking Page.

More About Metadata

Have you watched my short video? It will help you understand what metadata does and how it will allow you to find and enjoy your photos. The metadata I add includes: Names of people, keywords, dates and more. The video is on the Services page. I hope you'll watch it:

Watch the Photo Organizing Video

Software for Enjoying and Managing Your Photo Collection

I created a software demonstration video to give a brief overview of how photo organizing and editing software will allow you to enjoy and manage your photo collection.

Watch the Software Demo Video

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