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What's holding you back?
You don't have time?
You're overwhelmed?
You don't know where to start?
You think it will take too long?

What you need is a photo organizer!
No matter what your photo challenge is, I'm here to help.


Meg Macintyre is a
Certified Personal Photo Organizer
and member of APPO:
The Association of Personal Photo Organizers

Digital Photo Organizing & Photo Scanning

Meg Macintyre
Certified Professional Photo Organizer

Caledon, Ontario, Canada
My business is located close to Orangeville, Bolton, Georgetown and Brampton. I visit clients all over the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. It really doesn't matter where you live, as I offer remote organizing services.

What Does a Photo Organizer Do?

Photo organizing is a new type of service. Most people don't understand the many ways a photo organizer can help them manage, organize, enjoy and protect their photo collection.

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  • Do you have photos stored on several different devices and you want to get them all together, protected and organized? I can help.
  • Is your family's history in photo albums that your kids don't want? I can scan and save them digitally.
  • Do you need a solution to deal with the photos that are piling up on your phone? I know what to do!

Protect Your Printed Photos and Albums

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Photo Scanning Plus Organizing

Protect Your Digital Photos

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Digital Photo Organizing

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• Do you have digital photos spread across multiple devices?
• Not sure what to do with all your prints and albums?
• Need a solution for managing your future photos?
• Need a good backup plan?

Meg Macintyre