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So Excited About My New Over-Sized Scanner!

Kodak A3 scanner with photo album and ruler
This scanner is huge! I am looking forward to preserving very old albums and photos.

The ruler in the photo is 12 inches. I can scan a full page of an album from which the photos cannot be removed. Then I use my software to isolate the individual pictures on the page! My client will get an image of the entire page, with any notes that may be written on it, as well as each individual image.

I will also be using this fabulous Kodak machine to scan prints that my high-speed scanner can't handle—over-sized, very small, stiff or delicate pictures.

Any scanner can scan items other than pictures! I'm already thinking about fabrics, pressed flowers, leaves, and other items I want to use in my own photo books and other photo projects.

What would you like me to scan for you?

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