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There are various digital and print photo organizing resources on this page. I will be adding many more software resources. If you are the 'do-it-yourself' type, or want to learn more about photo organizing, you'll find useful information here.

Software Choices for Photo Viewing

Software Demo Video
Viewing digital photos requires software. There is a software demo video on this page showing CyberLink PhotoDirector 9 as an example. The video is a very basic overview of some of the features.

What Software Do I Use?
I'd like to keep that a secret! I have been working with photo software for many years, and I have invested a great deal of time developing my photo organizing processes.

Six different applications are used during a typical organizing project. Some I use only for one specific function. Some software is very complicated to set up but, for example, can rename thousands of photos at a time according to criteria I have set.

Software Choices for You
There are many excellent consumer programs available for the different operating systems. Your computer will (or should) have built-in software. If you have a PC with a Windows operation system, you can use 'File Explorer' to view your photos. If you have a Mac, 'Finder' will do, and 'Photos' for Mac may be already on your system. I intend to update and add to this software resource section.

For greater enjoyment of your photos and many more viewing and organizing features, consider downloading or purchasing additional software. I can help you choose software to suit your needs and budget. Here are some computer-based (not cloud-based) choices :

Adobe Bridge:
Free program. Features include: Choose the photo size and what file information you want to see. Add and edit keywords. Correct photo dates. Rate photos. Various sorting options.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 9:
Cost varies. Frequent sales. Features include: Choose the photo size and what file information you want to see. Add and edit keywords. Correct photo dates. Rate photos. Various sorting options. Facial Recognition. Albums. Smart collections. Editing of photos can also be done with this software though this overview and the demo video focus on the photo organizing aspect of the software.

Windows File Explorer:
Part of a PC operating system. Requires changing settings for better viewing of photos. View photos in 3 different sizes. Edit photo date. Add keywords. Various sorting options.

Photos for Mac:
The version on your Mac depends on the version of the operating system you have. I have no personal experience with this. I have been assured that the most up-to date version has many excellent features and includes facial recognition.

Software Demonstration Video

How photo editing and organizing software enables you to enjoy your professionally organized photo collection.

Full-screen view recommended.

Coming Soon:

Demo videos for:
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Windows File Explorer
  • A new top-secret facial recognition application I'm helping develop. Due for release early summer 2018.

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I am a member of the Association of Person Photo Organizers (APPO). Under the name 'The Photo Organizers', there is a wonderful blog with great photo organizing articles and tips. Visit the blog at:

I can help people with most projects remotely, but If you're not in Ontario, Canada, and want to find a photo organizer near you, you can find an organizer on the APPO site:

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