Pricing Variables for Digital Photo Organizing

Duplicate Photos
Most people have some duplicates from copying or downloading files more than once. I use software efficiently identifies duplicates. I can set criteria for which photo is removed, the one with the smallest file size for example.

Removal of duplicates: $0.10 per duplicate photo removed
BUT..When duplicate folders are found containing files with the same names, removal is much faster and easier. I will charge on a case-by-case basis.

Save! You may be able to find and remove many duplicate photos on your own.

Wrongly-Dated Photos
Due to camera settings errors. This is not uncommon with photos from old digital cameras. I have software that can correct dates individually or in batches. If camera setting error resulted in a large number of wrongly-dated photos, I can often correct many at once by adjusting the date by a specific number of years, months and days.

Date correction: $0.10 per photo corrected.

Save! I can offer guidance on how to properly change photo dates.

Photos Stored On Multiple Devices
Your photos might be stored on many different devices. I have many different gadgets, adapters and applications that help me gather files from different types of devices. There is a fee for each device after the 1st device I need to gather files from.

Transfer of files from multiple devices: Starting at $30.00 per device depending on technology and number of photos. Please ask for a quote.

Save! You may be able to transfer photos from some or all devices yourself.

Restore Photos from Backups
I don't mean copies of files stored somewhere. I mean backups created to protect data from a phone or computer so that the device data can be restored. An 'empty' device is usually required for the backup to restored to.

Priced on a case-by-case basis.

Digital File Conversion
If you have photos that are not in .jpeg or .jpg format, I need to convert them to .jpeg to be able to work with them. The file formats I must convert include: .bmp, .png .gif and .heif.

Digital File Conversion: $0.50 per file converted.

Digital File Recovery
Hiring of a specialist to recover files from a locked, non-functioning device.

Please request a quote. Minimum $55 IF files can be recovered. Usually no charge if files cannot be recovered or none are found.

Facial Recognition
The per-person cost of identifying people using Facial Recognition software varies depending on number of people and number of photos.

Please request a quote.

Save! If you're good with computers and software, you may be able to do Facial Recognition yourself. I can set up the proper software for you and provide instructions.

Unknown Variables
There can be many unforeseen costs and circumstances. If something requires an extra charge, you will be informed before any action is taken.
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