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Digital Photo Organizing

I'll turn your digital chaos into a photo collection is searchable and enjoyable.
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Photo Scanning Plus Organizing

I scan your photos and documents then I add value to your photo collection so that your stories are preserved: information about people, events, activities and places. .
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Photo Album & Scrapbook Scanning

I can scan individual pages of photo albums, scrapbooks, certificates and documents and preserve them digitally. I can also isolate individual images from a page and save them as separate files. View your digital album pages as a slideshow!
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Video: What Does a Photo Organizer Do?

Lean about the services I offer and how I can help you enjoy your photos.

Interactive Digital Photo Albums

Turn your scanned photo album or any of your digital photos into an interactive digital album that can be viewed on any device. Makes a great gift!
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Slideshows for Memorials & Celebrations

Digitize your photographs and albums. Leave a legacy for future generations.
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Remote Photo Organizing Services

The internet has enabled me to offer digital photo organizing services to anyone, anywhere!
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Make Copies!

Share Your Collection!
The digital photograph collection belongs to you. Make as many copies of the digital files as you want.

Video: Software for Enjoying and Managing Your Photo Collection

I created a software demonstration video to give a brief overview of how image organizing and editing software will allow you to enjoy and manage your photo collection.

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Free Consultations

Tell me your photo challenge, dilemma or need, and I'll explain how I can help! Just call and I'll be happy to explain to you more about what I do. It is a free, no-obligation service. Photo organizing services are quite new, so many people don't understand the possibilities.

I offer many photo-related services. The most common services are described on this website, but I can help in a wide variety of situations.

Whether you're trying to decide what to do with your family's historic photo albums, attempting to sort through thousands of images on your digital phone, or are looking for better ways to access and enjoy your photo collection, I can help.

Contact me and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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Remote Photo Organizing Services

The internet has enabled me to offer digital photo organizing services to anyone, anywhere!

Cloud file storage, along with screen sharing services, make remote work possible. All you need is fast reliable internet service, and a very big (or unlimited) internet usage plan.

Free Consultations!

Contact me! It’s just a conversation with no obligation. I can help in so many different ways.

Ask About Remote Services

It doesn’t matter where you are.

• Do you have digital photos spread across multiple devices?
• Not sure what to do with all your prints and albums?
• Need a solution for managing your future photos?
• Need a good backup plan?

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