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Photo on Social Media Solves Macintyre Family Mystery

Macintyre Vimy Memorial France Veterans and dignitaries
April 9th 2017 was the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge. In honour of the occasion my brother John posted a photo online—shown here—of my grandfather, Lt. Colonel. D.E. Macintyre, walking next to King Edward VIII at the unveiling of the memorial in 1936. My grandfather is shown in the front row wearing a beret. The King is to my grandfather's right. Of course, this photo has always been treasured in our family.

Granddad played an important role in the historic battle that helped define Canada's identity. He had also been awarded the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O) medal in 1916. This sentimentally valuable medal was discovered missing from our family's home in the 1970's.

My Brother, my sister and I are working on piecing together fragmented memories and we think the theft was discovered a few years after Granddad's death. The medal seemed to have been carefully removed from the bar which also held other military medals. We never discovered any clues as to its whereabouts until this past Monday April 10th, 2017.

On Sunday April 9th, John posted this picture on social media. It was seen by his brother-in-law whose curiosity let him to research my grandfather online. On Monday he shared a discovery with my brother: Granddad's D.S.O. was been offered for sale online by a military antiquities dealer! Found at last!

My brother has been in touch with the dealer—who purchased it legally from someone else...who purchased it legally from someone else...

I'm not sure how this will be resolved, but my brother and sister are currently trying to figure out what can be done to return the medal to our family. Stay tuned—I'll let you know what happens!

- Meg

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