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Mylio Update: Version 3.0 Has Arrived!

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Mylio Version 3.0 Released Nov 27th 2017

I am a Mylio-certified Photo Organizer, and I am continuing my love/hate relationship with Mylio. I have yet to test the upgrade. Mylio's info at announces, "..a brand new sync engine that's faster and more reliable." Yay!

If you'd to know more about Mylio, please read Mylio Introduction & Overview, on the Mylio page of my website. I have not yet updated the info to reflect the changes in version 3.0.

Sadly, their tradition of inconsistent terminology continues: Please decide, Mylio, is this an 'upgrade' or an 'update'? Just pick a term and stick with it. Please.

Mylio has tremendous potential! Mylio offers so much, but is incredibly user-UNfriendly. They need a technical writer to help them (preferably me). Clear wording matters!

Here's a quote from the 'what's new' page, "The new version of Mylio will not sync with the previous version of Mylio."
What they mean is: A device that has been updated to Mylio 3.0 will not not sync with a device running an earlier version of Mylio.

I am in the process of setting up Mylio for client. It really is the best solution for that client. I've asked her to let me configure everything because I don't want to subject her to the contradictory and unclear wording of both the app and the support info.

I've been told the support site will be re-written soon—by the same team that wrote the current support text. Hopefully they'll actually refer to the many pages of notes I've sent them.

I remain cautiously optimistic because Mylio has so many great features. Good Luck Mylio!

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