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My Website is Live!

portrait of Meg Macintyre photo organizer in Caledon, Toronto and Ontario
It seems that a business does not really exist until it has a website. Well, I've just made my website LIVE! It's not done—it never will be. It will continue to grow and change as my business grows and changes.

Of course, I decided to build the website myself. After all, I have contributed to the building and updating of over 100 websites in various jobs I've had over the past 15 years.  How hard could it be? Much harder that I thought!

I enjoy the technical challenge of website work. Website technology is constantly changing, and 'responsive' technology—which makes a website adapt its display to whatever device it is being viewed on— has added a new level of complexity.

It's yet another huge project that I approached over-zealously and over-confidently. It took much more time than I anticipated, and involved much more frustration—but I did it!

Now at least I'll have the skills to keep it up-to-date.

It's time now to work more on my new business, and less on my website.


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