Pricing: Interactive Digital Photo Albums

Pricing as of September 20th, 2018. H.S.T. will be added to all prices

Remember: The final digital files are yours to copy and share as much as you want!




Image Scanning: Pricing does not include scanning. Pricing is based on creating the product using digital images. Scanning Extra
Single Page:
Front and back covers count as one page each.
Single page created from an existing digital image file (.jpeg) or .PDF file. $1.50
Blank Page:
Page solid colour of your choice
Other items can be added to a blank page. $.50
Image Placed on a Page: Each supplied digital image file (.jpeg) placed/arranged on a page. $0.75
Pop-up Image: A button on a page is linked to a separate, supplied image that can be viewed larger. $1.50
Video Embedded on a Page: Each supplied video (.mp4 file, max 500 MB) embedded (placed/arranged) on a page. $1.50
Pop-up Video: A button on a page is linked to a supplied video that will open in a separate window. $1.50
Text or Caption Each separate text /caption field added. Copied and pasted from supplied text. $0.75
Background Image for Album: Replace standard background options with your supplied image. $1.00
Background Image for Page: Other supplied images or text can be placed on top of this page background. $1.00
Digital storage device if needed:
(Portable hard drive or USB storage device)
$ Varies by storage capacity needed $ Variable
Other Options: Coming soon! $?

Pricing Example A

10 pages plus a front cover, each created from single image files (11 pages) = $16.50
6 pop-up images = $9.00
1 blank page plus an embedded video on that page, and text about the video = $2.75
Text added to front cover plus 3 other text fields (4 text fields) = $3.00
Total = $31.25

Pricing Example B

8 blank pages plus a front and back cover (10 pages) = $5.00
26 images placed/arranged on pages = $19.50
Text added to front and back covers (2 text fields) = $1.50
Background image for album = $1.00
Total = $27.00

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