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My home was robbed. My photos are safe!

office mess after burglary
My home was burglarized on September 28th 2017. The thieves stole 3 laptops and a phone, as well as A LOT of other things. Luckily, they were just 'things'.

The photo shows my office and the mess the thieves made. Please excuse the poor, shaky-hand photo hastily taken.  

I don't live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes, and my house is at the top of a hill, so I don't worry about flooding either...but I never really thought about robbery!  

My family photo collection was safe. My photos were stored in three places: My laptop, an external hard drive, and on the cloud. Please make sure you backup your photos. You never think this can happen to you, but it can. It does.

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