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The Importance of Family Photos

wall of photos in hallway
Family history has always been important to me. I was raised to very aware and proud of my family's background and stories. I created a wall of special and historical black and white photos that depict both my family and my husband's family.

The scenes are varied: from my father playing football for Queen's University in the 40's, to stern family portraits from the 1800's, and my husband's parents looking at each other lovingly.

This photo wall gets lots of attention from visitors who wish they had something like it. Everyone can have something like it! My kids love it. It adds reality to the lives of the relatives they never knew, and those they did know but are, sadly, no longer with us. We barely notice many photos and works of art on our walls because we see them so often. That's not the case with these precious images. I often stop to have a look and they usually create crazy mix of emotions, but mostly they make me happy.


(Yes, all these photos are stored digitally on a hard drive and the cloud)

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