Pricing Variables for Digital Photo Organizing

Duplicate Photos
Most people have some duplicates from copying or downloading files more than once. I use software efficiently identifies duplicates. I can set criteria for which photo is removed, the one with the smallest file size for example.

Removal of duplicates: $0.10 per duplicate photo removed

Save! You may be able to find and remove many duplicate photos on your own.

Wrongly-Dated Photos
Due to camera settings errors. This is not uncommon with photos from old digital cameras. I have software that can correct dates individually or in batches. If camera setting error resulted in a large number of wrongly-dated photos, I can often correct many at once by adjusting the date by a specific number of years, months and days.

Date correction: $0.10 per photo corrected.

Save! I can offer guidance on how to properly change photo dates.

Photos Stored On Multiple Devices
Your photos might be stored on many different devices. I have many different gadgets, adapters and applications that help me gather files from different types of devices. There is a fee for each device after the 1st device I need to gather files from.

Transfer of files from multiple devices: Starting at $30.00 per device depending on technology and number of photos. Please ask for a quote.

Save! You may be able to transfer photos from some or all devices yourself.

Digital File Conversion
If you have photos that are not in .jpeg or .jpg format, I need to convert them to .jpeg to be able to work with them. The file formats I must convert include: .bmp, .png .gif and .heif.

Digital File Conversion: $0.50 per file converted.

Facial Recognition
The per-person cost of identifying people using Facial Recognition software varies depending on number of people and number of photos.

Please request a quote.

Save! If you're good with computers and software, you may be able to do Facial Recognition yourself. I can set up the proper software for you and provide instructions.

Unknown Variables
There can be many unforeseen costs and circumstances. For example, I recently hired a specialist to get files from an old, locked computer.
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